Integrity & Quality Workmanship
Our Field Crew is comprised of multi-skilled and experienced individuals who’ve been with the company for over 20 years.
Fasone Construction is proud of the variety of skill set we offer .  We endeavor projects many other construction companies are incapable of completing that require challenging solutions.
These projects are often perplex, industrialized and laborious that most often need immediate attention and any deadline delay can cause many financial and production repercussions to the client.  We contribute to innovations and communicate solutions that have a potential of completing the project in a cost effective and most efficient way.
We have multi-skilled tradesman. The teams commitment to provide innovative solutions has made it possible to finish several time pressured projects on schedule with minimal disturbances.
Architectural Services:
We’re a full service design-build contractor, providing benefits that make the projects feasible  and saving our clients money and time
Project Management:
Fasone ensures the overall planning, coordination and control of a project form beginning to completion is seamless.
Logistics and Solutions:
It is always a priority for us to understand the customer’s goals and approach each project accordingly for ultimate success.
Areas Served & Technical Information

Areas Served & Technical Information

Northern California, Arizona, Nevada & Texas


Fasone Construction general information:
License num: 749538 / B, C-8, C-9, C-13
NAICS:  236210 – Industrial Building Construction 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction 238130 – Framing Contractors 238350 – Finish Carpentry Contractors 238110 – Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors 238310 – Drywall and Insulation Contractors 238210 – Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors 238220 – Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors  
BONDING CAPACITIES: 10 MIL Aggregate, 6 MIL Single.
Company Practices

Company Practices

SAFETY is of paramount importance!  Fasone Construction maintains and implements a comprehensive Safety plan that includes JHA for each trade we self-perform along with weekly safety meetings and check lists for daily survey of job-site conditions.  Our field crews are continually provided with safety training including OSHA 30 classes.  Careful consideration will be given to special conditions for this project such as protection of public (if any), and proper storage of fuel.  Fire Extinguishers will be located throughout the job-site. 
For real excellence in construction leadership, a plan for ongoing training is non-negotiable in a solid business strategy. In this rapidly-evolving industry, it is no longer sufficient to master current processes. Real leaders in construction must prepare for the future by expanding their knowledge base and by taking steps such as the following:
1)Member of AGC and regularly send our staff for training: practices
2)army corps of engineers
2.1 construction quality management for contractors
3) SCORE – administrative training
4) Construction management association of America.
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

“Our code remains our road map and compass for doing business the right way.”
At Fasone, we do business the right way. We believe acting ethically and responsibly supports our commitment to superior customer service, employee safety, and over all wellbeing of the company. Our Core Values are part of our tradition and are fundamental to who we are as an organization. These Core Values are the basis for our decision-making. Our Name is behind every action we take, and every decision we make.
  • HONESTY Be transparent and truthful in our communication and actions
  • SAFETY Plan safety into every aspect of our work. Create and sustain a zero incident culture
  • TEAMWORK Work with others in a respectful manner. Be considerate of others and Practice the Golden Rule.
  • RELIABILITY Follow through on commitments made in and outside of work. Be prompt and responsive in business dealings.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY Accept responsibility for your own actions and assist others to make constructive steps, when needed.  Take appropriate steps promptly to correct mistakes or defects and work as team to ensure this code is upheld.
  • PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Continue to evolve, grow professionally and personally. Continuous improvement secures the commitment to excellence. Be better than you were yesterday.


Over the last decade, Fasone Construction has worked with owners, communities and professionals bound by the principles of sustainability: Finding a balance between the environmental, social and economic aspects of each project.

This constant learning experience has brought into our company a new perspective in the decision making process of every project, improving aspects such as:

  • Waste management.
  • Implementation of locally sourced and environmentally responsible certified materials.
  • Proposing and implementing water and energy efficient fixtures.
  • Improving fuel efficiency though better project logistics.
  • Encouraging personnel to find alternatives to their daily commutes, such as carpooling and the use of non-motorized transportation.

As we continue learning from others, we look forward to share with others new ways of improving out habitats and work spaces keeping in mind the needs of our environment in order to have a positive impact in our community.



In Self performing most of our work, we have the capability to work with contractors in multiple trades and allow us to be more competitive.
Self Performing Trades: 
  • Drywall & Framing 
  • Electrical
  • Concrete/Masonry
  • Mill-work/Cabinetry
  • Paint
  • Fence & Ballard’s 
  • Door & Window 
  • Design & Drafting
Company Overview & Stability

Company Overview & Stability

Jeanette and Joe Fasone started Fasone Construction in 1995.  They offer over 60 years of  combined experience in the construction industry .  Together they have built a strong team of skilled individuals, most of whom have been with the company since the beginning. Our employees who we call “family” are the heart of each and every project.
Today it continues as a family business with second generation ready to take the helm.
With current revenues of over 4.5 million and our ability to efficiently execute and manage construction contracts, Fasone Construction is expecting sustainable growth equal to last year’s increase in revenue of 33%.
We understand the critical nature of RFP/Delivery Order review, rapid proposal response and timely completion of task orders.  We possess on-going relationships with valued subcontractors and exercise collaborative partnerships when performing tasks.


  • SBA 8A Program – Woman owned small business
  • WBENC – Women Business Enterprise National Council WBE certification
  • CPUC – Supplier Clearinghouse
  • SBE – Small Business CA Dept. General Services / LA County
  • METRO – Disabled Business Enterprise / Small Business Enterprise
  • SCMSDC – Minority Business Enterprise