Getting to know Jeanette Fasone

Getting to know Jeanette Fasone

CEO – President

With Texas roots and a Latin culture, Jeanette Fasone knew the relevance of family unity and the potential of collaborating together for growth. Understanding these long term goals start with skills and drive, Jeanette emerged to self-preparation in education that would allow her to face the challenges of Entrepreneurship such as Real Estate, Business & Law. by 1995 Jeanette earned her Juris Doctor Degree from Western State University College of Law that equipped her to take over the Construction World along with her Family.
After more than 22 years as CEO of Fasone Construction, Jeanette Fasone has demonstrated her ability to successfully manage a variety of construction divisions like government agencies, food & beverage, entertainment, Industrial facility maintenance and commercial tenant improvements.

This Enthusiast Entrepreneur has over 32 years in construction management and team leadership experience in the construction industry that has led to a proven track record of growth, sustainability and financial stability. This journey was not a smooth ride for Jeanette due to the challenges this predominant male field has. Despite the struggles, Jeanette has been able to withstand her obstacles associating with organizations that help Women owned/minority owned business.
Her activity with these great organizations have allowed her to show her determination to many corporate entities year after year.
Jeanette Fasone is a true Hispanic pride and an example to many women business owners!
Her vision goes further than growing a company to become nationwide, she looks to create a positive economic impact and understands it starts within her surroundings. Jeanette has contributed greatly to neighborhood communities including Whittier, Commerce & Santa Fe Springs.

My vision is to restore economic wealth through balanced progress…” Jeanette continues “I have lived in Whittier for the past 30 years and truly care about our community. I was Chairperson on the Design Review Board and I was honored to receive Historical Preservation awards from the Whittier Conservancy for two real estate projects.”

Many would like to make a difference to their community but very little make it possible.
Besides her active presence in the community, Jeanette Fasone has also made a difference in providing jobs to more than 18 employees, independent private companies and many sub-contractors. Her vision is becoming reality in a progressive manner year after year.
Due to her efforts of seeking opportunities for Fasone Construction she was able to penetrate large and high security clearance industries by taking advantage of programs that help Woman-Owned, Minority owned Construction Company
We are done with 2016 and the Latin Texan CEO has converted, what was once a small family owned company, to a Commercial & Industrial Construction Company with revenues of more than 4.5 million.
Despite economic fluctuations, Fasone Construction is growing in revenue and size making Fasone a Reliable Resource to you!

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